In 2003, we opened our permanent clinic at Sacre Coeur Parish, the Whitney Clinic, named after Jim Whitney, the orthodontist whose generous donation allowed us to fund its construction.

The clinic is manned by an excellent Haitian doctor, Hudson Pierre, MD, a nurse, and other staff. Dr. Pierre sees hundreds of patients each week and provides excellent follow-up care after our medical teams have returned home and also treats many new patients. The maladies he treats include malnutrition, parasite infections, malaria, high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition, Midwives for Haiti, an excellent organization based in Virginia, provides all-important prenatal care in a country where the vast majority of births are unattended.

The recent addition of a dental suite within the clinic now means that our visiting dentists and hygienists can provide great care in a more comfortable, sanitary environment.

The importance of the Whitney Clinic for the people of Hinche cannot be overstated. The only public hospital in the area is very poorly equipped and also unaffordable for many local residents.

Thanks to the generosity of those supporting our Twinning and Doc-a-Day programs, people from all over Haiti's Central Plateau know that they can received excellent medical care at no charge at the Whitney Clinic.

2018 UPDATES!!!

The dental team has just returned from their annual trip to Sacre Couer (May 5-11). Drs. Bart Whitesell and Jim Whitney along with Kate Van Volkenberg and Dennis Andrews joined with thirty six other dental team members including eighteen senior dental students from the Medical College of Georgia who served at our Sacre Couer parish dental clinic as well as in nearby Kobenal at their dental clinic. The students gained much experience during the week as they extracted many teeth and placed beautiful composite restorations. The students were able to work with two excellent local oral surgeons and many local general dentists who all donated their time, supplies, and expertise. Over $1,400,000 of dental treatment was given to our Haitian friends and we are excited to see the overall dental health of the people improve since we have start our dental mission nearly twenty years ago. Drs. Bart and Jim have begun a long term relationship with Dr. Ken McMillan who teaches at the dental school to continue our annual dental mission trip joined by the top dental students. There is such a demand by the dental school to join us that a second trip each year is being considered.

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