Within five days of the devastating 7.0 earthquake, the Catholic Church of St. Monica's had a team on the ground in Port-au-Prince

Dr. Jim Toth, Barb Burk RN, and Mark Coughlin worked at a makeshift field hospital treating scores of severely injured people while Jon Steele worked hard to make safe drinking water available to hard-hit communities all over Port-au-Prince. The hundreds of pounds of donated supplies they carried down helped save lives.

Thanks to the terrific response and generosity of the Parishioners of St. Monica's and others, the following were just some of the ways we were able to assist the men, women and children of Hinche.

  • Our Safe Water Program was expanded to assist those in desperate need in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas
  • We purchased a large quantity of medicines to better serve the population of Hinche, which has grown substantially as many thousands of people flee Pot-au-Prince. These medicines were used in our Whitney Clinic and also at the following April Medical Mission
  • Increased financial support was provided to Fr. Bourdeau of Sacre Coeur Parish so that he could provide increased food and monetary assistance to the large number of injured and displaced people arriving in Hinche
  • At the request of our (at that time) Whitney Clinic physician, Dr. Dagerus, we doubled the capacity of our Malnutrition Program to better assist the increased number of starving children the earthquake caused
  • We held a very successful tent drive and were able to deliver well over 200 tents to homeless earthquake victims in Port-au-Prince. Please watch the video above to learn more about that and other ways we have been helping

St. Monica's in Haiti

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Hope for Haiti, Hope for Hinche
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