Medical Missions

Providing medical and financial assistance to the poor and underserved in Hinche, Haiti.


Soup Kitchen

The Sacre Coeur Refectory (Soup Kitchen) in Hinche, Haiti feeds 75-125 families a day, five days a week.


Whitney Clinic

In 2003, we opened our permanent clinic at Sacre Coeur Parish, the Whitney Clinic, named after Jim Whitney, the orthodontist whose generous donation allowed us to fund its construction.



We have a great program set-up to help fund our full-time Whitney Clinic physician, Dr. Hudson Pierre.


Safe Water Program

In the course of treating thousands of patients over the past 12 years, it became apparent that a main health problem faced by persons visiting the clinic is a lack of clean drinking water.


Scholarship Program

One of the greatest gifts you can give a young person in Haiti is an education. For that reason, we have started a scholarship program at Sacre Coeur Parish in Hinche.


Kado Lespwa

Kado Lespwa is designed to help families in a crisis whether the underlying cause is hunger, extreme malnourishment, poor health, lack of shelter, poverty or simply poor in spirit.


Seminarian Program

The cost to sponsor a seminarian for a year is just $400. Sponsors receive a photo and information on their seminarian and will be in his daily prayers.


Earthquake Relief

Dr. Jim Toth, Barb Burk RN, and Mark Coughlin worked at a makeshift field hospital treating scores of severely injured people while Jon Steele worked hard to make safe drinking water available to hard-hit communities all over Port-au-Prince. The hundreds of pounds of donated supplies they carried down helped save lives.

Hope for Haiti, Hope for Hinche
The Catholic Church of Saint Monica, 1700 Buford Highway, Duluth, GA 30097

St. Monica's in Haiti

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